March 9, Sotos 8
The old world that the door of time brought us to is not shining,
but even...a bit scary. Does the legendary treasure really exist?
The companions don't chat too much, but they seem to have a lot of secrets.
Forget it, for the treasure, keep moving forward.

May 31,Sotos 8
HHow can I think that there is no treasure here? This is obviously a paradise for make a fortune!
Just kill the monster...
Although they are getting stronger, they are nothing compared to wealth.
No one wants to leave, and we are very united on this point.

September 13,Sotos 8
Damn, how can there be a giant octopus here! Saab was dragged into the dark by a huge tentacle.
Her painful voice asking for help kept echoing in the ear.
The damn Naia took out the scroll - he wants to run away, coward, he will lose all his belongings.
But the octopus is pressing a huge treasure chest. Can I... I swear, I will leave as soon as I get it.

September 14,Sotos 8
In the darkness, Saab's cry for help has not been heard.
Maybe I should leave this damn place.
Jug, now, take away the treasure at one fling!
That voice... I am so scared, we almost succeed…

November 29,Sotos 8
My body Jug's body are still rotting every day.
I gradually became difficult to speak he gradually stopped talking.
I wrapped myself Jug and hid in the hole. There are so many treasures in the cave, I have to guard them.
Today, a few lost adventurers encountered me and asked me how to get the rarest treasures.
One of them was especially enthusiastic, just like... so I gave him a choice...

The eerie, stygian and odd Cthulhu art style brings the multifarious and immersive game experience.
Entirely randomly generated dungeons and the loots! New trips every time!
Well-designed BOSS with various skills are waiting for your challenge!
Different weapons activate different skill trees, your battle strategy is on your own!
300+ gears to collect make you the coolest dungeon crawler!
Team-up with other players to explore in real-time, recruit and build your own guild!

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